About us

EcoXtrusion is a young and dynamic familiy business, founded in 2009 and based in Hengelo, The Netherlands. We are a manufacturer of tree protectors and binding tube with international clients in the green industry. Extrusion is our business. Xtrusion is part of our name, but why EcoXtrusion?

Mission Statement

Ecological & Environment Friendly Extrusion


Biodegradable products

By using bio-polymers we improve our products to meet tomorrow's expectations in the circular economy.


Re-using recycled materials

We recycle by using waste material from production and recycled material as "new" raw material.


Reducing energy consumption

As we constantly focus on new means to further reduce our energy consumption during the production. 

Future Vision

One step closer to an environmentally friendly solution.

We want to do better. By using bio-polymers, we want to improve our products to meet tomorrow’s expectations. We are working with scientists from leading international institutes to develop biodegradable products which fit the circular economy. Products designed to degrade after a specific lifetime, so that they produce no waste after they have been used. We now have products which degrade in the environment. Our goal is to produce tree protectors and binding tubes which provide nourishment for the trees and life on the ground.

End result: In the long-term lower cost for our customers and users, because the products do not need to be removed once their function has been fulfilled. But the most important is that no waste finds it's way into the environment.

More information?

If you have any questions or wish to request a quotation you can send us an email to info@ecoxtrusion.com or call us on +31 622510090.

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