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Binding tube's ease to use, flexibility and strength make it a great way for tying trees to support stakes or canes to ensure straight tree growth. Binding tube also allows trees to grow freely without constriction or ingrowth. Thus creating a great solution for tying to trees or branches.

binding tube tied to stake

biodegradable binding tube

VERDURA® biodegradable binding tube works just like the plastic (PVC) binding tube. With the same flexibility, strength and ease to use the biodegradable binding tube offers many other advantages over plastic. Saving you costs on labor and waste in the environment.

Plastic binding tube

Plastic binding tube

Flexible plastic (PVC) binding tube protects trees and allows it to grow freely without damage caused by constriction or ingrowth. The flexibility of the hollow tube guarantees a long life. 

Binding tube description

EcoXtrusion offers a wide variety of binding tubes for multiple occasions. For example binding stakes to trees for straight growth or tying spiral tree protectors to the tree. Find out which binding tube suits your requirements. If you didn't find your requirements contact us!


Diameters binding tube

3 mm
4 mm
5 mm
6 mm
7 mm


Lenghts binding tube

50 - 200 cm nets (3 and 4 mm)
350 - 800 cm buckets (4 to 7 mm)


Colours binding tube





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