Tree protectors

Plastic & biodegradable solutions

Plastic and biodegradable tree protectors are often used at garden centres, local green businesses, tree nurseries, and vineyards. Our spiral tree guards make sure your trees are protected and ensure no constriction or ingrowth in trees.

Biodegradable tree trunk protectors

Biodegradable tree protectors

Traditionally tree trunk protectors are made of PVC, but need te be removed manually after 3-4 years, because it will leave waste. biodegradable tree trunk protectors will fall off the tree after a period of time. Resulting in degradation in the environment under natural conditions.

Plastic tree trunk protector on tree

Plastic tree protectors

Spiral tree guards protect trees from various rodents, mowing, chemicals and sunlight. Tree protectors also grow with the tree as it matures. Thus avoiding any strangulation of the tree.

Tree protector description

EcoXtrusion offers spiral tree protectors in different sizes and colours so we always try to meet your requirements. Find out which tree protector suits your requirements. If you didn't find your requirements contact us!


Diameters tree protector

38 mm
50 mm


Lengths tree protector

45 cm
60 cm
75 cm
90 cm
100 cm
120 cm


Colours tree protector




250 or 500 tree protectors per box depending on the total weight 

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